How To Recover Office 2010 Product Key

Reinstalling Windows operating system is relatively a simple job, if you have done your home work before beginning the re-installation procedure. Computer experts always recommend moving important files such as documents, pictures, and other files from the desktop to a safe location before restarting your PC to begin the re-installation process.

It’s also important to have the product keys of your Windows OS, Microsoft Office, and other software that you plan to install after completing the re-install process.

The process of re-installing can become a hard job if you can’t find your Windows, Office and other product keys. Generally, the Office or Windows key is located on the box containing the installation CD/DVD.

As with Windows activation key, Office product key is also stored in the registry, and luckily can be recovered with the help of a third-party software. Thankfully, there are quite a few free utilities out there to help recover your Office serial key from an existing installation with a few mouse clicks.

Few weeks back, we showed you how to recover Windows 7 product key from registry using Windows Key Finder tool. In this article, we’re reviewing another free tool named ProduKey that supports recovering Office 2010 product key from Windows registry in a jiffy.


ProduKey is a small utility for Windows 7 and Vista operating systems to recover Office 2003, Office 2007, and Office 2010 product keys. Download and run the utility to view your product key. The best part is that it’s a standalone tool, which runs without installation.

Recover Office 2010 Product key

As you see this tool is also capable of recovering Windows product key. One can also use ProduKey to view Product key Exchange Server and SQL Server installed on your computer. The current version of ProduKey doesn’t support software other than above mentioned ones.

How to recover Windows 7/8 product key from an unbootable PC (easy way) guide might also interest you.

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  1. MSoh says

    Just tried this to find my office 2010 key from old registry files I had saved. It said it had added the entries to the registry, then took a long time to reboot. Ran it again but still no key data for Office 2010. I purchased 2010 several years ago but it came without disc, just a piece of card with the number but I cannot find it. Since all my files are in .docx or xlsx format they are now all read only and even then with difficulty.

  2. pradeep says

    but i dont have a product key.. i have preinstalled trial version of office 365… what shall i do?

  3. admin says

    Chirs, at this moment, I can’t think of any other way to get your original Office product key. Try to call Microsoft Office customer care.

  4. Chirs Tyley says

    My laptop has recently had the factory settings restored but my Microsoft Office 2010 was not backed up and I no longer have my product key.

    I’ve followed many online methods to identify my product key but have been unsuccessful.

    Is there any way I can obtain my original product key?

  5. Don Brown says

    It will display all software licences and version numbers plus heaps more
    And it is FREE

  6. MKL says

    Again, here is another product that fails to disclose the product key for Windows 7 volume licensing. All I get is string of BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB. I’m rather tired of these.

  7. Michael says

    Worked perfectly for Office 2010 when MS and e-academy (now Kivuto) were both refusing to or unable to help me retrieve my product key to reinstall after a PC death. Thank you for ending my headache and saving me some cash!

  8. Red Dog says

    Worked fine for me. Got the key to my Office 2010 in seconds. Nice piece of software to find this because Microsoft wants to charge you 10 bucks if you’re in the States and 15 dollars if you’re in Canada for a replacement key…save the hassle and get this software.

  9. skye says

    it did not show me microsoft office professional 2010 product key

    it only showed the product key for microsoft office single image 2010

    is that the same? the product id did not match the product ids of my word, powerpoint, etc.

  10. LCVD says

    Amazing! where others want money, this one gave me the keys for free!! 🙂 excellent product and easy to use.

  11. glen says

    how do i get a product key for a download of microsoft 2010 office , that i downloaded from another web page !

  12. rpbtpc says

    Yet another program that claims to recover Office 2010 and doesn’t. There are many better programs that can do what this can do.

  13. Sharad says


    Please visit above site and you will be able to find product keys of your installed Microsft applications.

    Good Luck !!!

  14. Bill Houston says

    Didn’t work. Displayed Win 7 key and Internet Explorer Key (who cares?). Nice try.

  15. Richard Ingram says

    Again, here is another product that fails to disclose the product key for Windows 7 volume licensing. All I get is string of BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB. I’m rather tired of these.

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